10 Things Follow Up

A few more to add to the list

11. A social media strategy does not mean filling every possible social network with your "presence"....Remember, usefulness! Are you a support or drain on a community?

12. Sometimes listening (understanding) to the conversation is better than joining

13. You (the brand) have to be better-- not at "messaging" or even "dialoguing"....you have to be truly, honest-to-pete better. Peter Kim reminds us that "its whats on the inside that counts."

14. It takes people. Human interaction. Sincerity cannot be faked.

15. Be in it for the long haul. We are experiencing a fundamental way in which not only people communicate, but in how we collaborate and produce-- not a fad. Now is the time to start thinking about the long term affects/benefits of social technologies and how they can be applied enterprise-wide (and not just to marketing!)


Martin Edic said...

Re: #15
I like to think of Social Media a third layer of the web:
1st layer is information, 2nd layer is transaction (e-commerce for example), 3rd layer is communication. While marketing is the obvious focus now (marketers are communication-focused by nature)for business, marketing in social media is an oxy-moron. SM is about unvarnished truth, opinion, exchange of ideas- and reputation.
SM is as big or bigger in it's long term effect as layers 1 and 2 because it includes them.

copydiva said...

Great post, Alisa. #11 is really: don't do it because everyone else is, do it for a reason, or a whole host of reasons that make sense, and not just for your brand, but also for your consumers. Remember what your mother said -- if all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?

MST 1948 said...

@copydiva well said!