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But first, there will be the Google-backed university to tackle humanity's problems...




Warm Fuzzies: The Web as Random Acts of Kindness


The Future is All About Conext: The Pragmatic Web

I guest posted this week for ReadWriteWeb:

The semantic Web has long been heralded as the future of the Web. Proponents have said that Web experiences will some day become more meaningful and relevant based on the AI-esque computational power of natural-language processing (NLP) and structured data that is understandable by machines for interpretation.

However, with the rise of the social Web, we see that what truly makes our online experiences meaningful is not necessarily the Web's ability to approximate human language or to return search results with syntactical exactness. The value of the semantic Web will take time because the intelligent personal agents that are able to process this structured data still have a long way to go before becoming fully actualized.

Rather, meaningful and relevant experiences now are born out of the context of our identities and social graph: the pragmatics, or contextual meaning, of our online identities. My Web experience becomes more meaningful and relevant to me when it is layered with contextual social data based on my identity. This is the pragmatic Web.

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Checkin' the Archives: A Hisotry of the Internet

An oldie but goodies infographic explanation of the history of the internet...


Glenn Beck: Net Neutrality is a Marxist Plot

This makes my blood boil....and Glenn, like most media has no idea what net neutrality is. Will someone please stop this misinformation megalomaniac? 4chan? Anyone?


Pulp Fiction Explains Google Wave

Happy Waving


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On Activity Streams

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Know Your Meme: FAIL

While the FAIL meme is none too knew (particularly by internet standards of time)...still enjoy Rocketboom's "Know Your Meme" and the evolution of FAIL


TAT Augmented ID = Holy Awesome


Not All Agencies Are Filled With Douchebags

Clever girl...


Who Says the Viral Stunt is Dead?


Then and Now



US CTO Aneesh Chopra Discusses Administration's Technology Priorities