Met A Canary?

So I'm getting into tumblr for sure... can see what all the fuss is about. My collage of wonderful tweets continues to grow...people think the most interesting and benign things.

Valleywag Likes Net_Art Too

Valleywag loves the HTML art too by the net_art scenesters...holla.
Check it!

Follow Up Thoughts on The Social Media/Advertising Debate

Here are just some follow up thoughts on the response to the CNNMoney.com post, Jim Nails comments, subsquent comments by others on the post, ect...

I agree that the issue is this: can the social graph be monetized and can advertising exist within the context of the social graph. here's my take: advertising must fundamentally change its approach to social media. social media forces brands to communicate AUTHENTICALLY with people (note: not "conusmers") because social media amplifies you are as a brand, as a company. its time to adjust the thinking and dislodge the equilibrium. In order for brands to exist within a social context, they must adapt or fail.



provo (utah) kids up to the coolest stuff
the web as the medium artists
HTML art

Chris Coy is a nasty_net kid

Bardhi Haliti

chris coy just came out to NYC as his work was part of the opening exhibits at the New Museum...holla at ya chris.

they don't give a crap about 2.0 hype...its like post web stuff...vintage web circa 1996

in my moments of social media overload...especially when updating wiki stuff or when Twitterific is chiming off the hook, I just take a HTML zen moment.

i love it...rotating GIF's!

All Under One Roof

There, is that so hard? The little birdie says that Google is actively doing this...but I just have been perplexed as to why all these elements are still fragmented...the space is nimble and new and everyone's experimenting and figuring it out and i love it. Social media strategists and co's know communication....Interactive agencies know design and create the pretty flash stuff...the geekerati build out the killer apps....can't we all get along under one roof? Why can't I bring together the best from these 3 areas ....bring in the expert communicators, the social app experts...the "butterfiles" of the social graph...hook 'em up with the Tobias Baecks of the world + killer app wizzards who dream in code....and then leverage some awesome social media analytics like Collective Intellect...and when the graph opens up then will we really begin to see some thing shaken up in the marketing world.. (come on....I'm on the Giant Global Graph bandwagon and lets aggregate it and tap it)...and now I'm getting off point, which is not unusual given my tangential nature and of course, the ADD...and hence the ellipses..ack.

Note to CNNMoney, Cymfony: Its the Graph!!

This morning's post on CNNMoney interviewing cheif strategy and marketing officer Jim Nail of online media analytics company Cymfony is alarmingly out of touch. Nail's contention is that social networks are facing a bubble because the young and fickle end users network hop as the newest, coolest thing comes along is an outdated notion of the network effects theory. He goes on to ask "Where was MySpace two years ago?" --Uh, getting acquired by News Corp. The issue I see with his argument-- and this coming from an analytics company?-- is that he seems to be confusing "networks" with their platforms; a "network" is really the social graph, the user behavioral data within a platform or container. The issue is not so much the site's themselves, but decentralizing the social graph of each to make accessible to 3rd parties. Decentralization of the social graph is inevitable, the Giant Global Graph will come to fruition in some form--despite the current challenges to achieving aggregation:

As Web Strategist Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester points out, the following are a few of the challenges facing this quest:

-Social Network vendors scared to open up and let customers and their relationships easily move to other networks
-Agreement needed between all vendors and participants
-Ownership over project and data
-Lack of general market awareness
-User adoption (sadly, I think most users are sheep)
-Likely, a need for a single login
-Creation and costs of third-party silo
-Privacy concerns: many European countries may not embrace
-Multiple security issues
-Legal and government may get involved

While there are challenges, it is important to understand that the Graph, is the future of the social web...not the container or platforms. Opening up access to that data and making it portable is what's next up for social networks.

And whats more, is why is an online media analytics company doing touting the burst of the social networks bubble when online ad spend for 2008 is projected to go through the roof...and when graph data is the basis of their business...yikes


Toshiba Head Dome

This....is um-mazing. Yeah, thats not a TV that fell on her head, nor is it a caricature of the digirati...its the Toshiba Dome Head offering users a full 360 degree experience. This is almost as awesome as the Privacy Scarf.

IS it?

Tweet Shots

So I started a Tumblr blog with nothing but screenshots of wonderful Tweets.

A Dialogue: A Chat

but seriously
what do you do for fun?
go to the zoo?

ha ha
go to bowery ballroom for shows
and twitter about the show while im there while sending pics of the bands mobiley from my phone to my flickr page which simultaneously gets cast to my blogs and Facebook page via a nice shiney badge--with rounded edges



im having a brain meltdown
chocolate cures that
i just took a bite of brownie



Data Portability 2008
Tech Adoption Life Cycle: A Historical Perspective
The Anti Social Media Thread


big brotha

First the crackdown on spolgs, now check out these two headlines...


More from New Media Douche Bags: Makin' it Viral

*Gag* Lets be clear: I hate when new media or ad douche bags say, "lets make a viral." There are too many things wrong with that statement to begin deconstruction, but I'm sure you get the point. Below is my comment left on the recent TechCrunch guest post by Dan Ackerman Greenberg, "The Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos." Obviously, anything titled as such was designed in of itself to be a viral post amid this holiday blogosphere lull (I mean, perfect timing when Firefox 3 and the missing "is" from Facebook status's were the dominating stories on Techmeme-- viral potential complete with Mike's 'this digusts me' comment)...and it apparently worked with 375 comments and 150 blog links to the post (correction: 151) so far. Aside from the post being utterly ridiculous and unsurprising (uh, there's no "secret" revealed, and no surprise). It just goes to show how the promise of unlocking the secrets to manipulating new media is like unto the search for the elixer of life. I would expound more on this but right now the post Thanksgiving turkey sandwich is inducing another tryptophan coma and my soon-to-be-nieces are jumping about and wanting to play princesses...


New Media Douchebags, Hooray!

LOL....and guess what? I found this through Scoble's Link Blog tweet, oh the irony heh heh...

Happy Thanksgivig!


I'd Say....Yes


yeah, im too lazy to title the link...


...Changed my Twitter experience dramatically...I love it!

Also, you know its a slow news day when Firefox 3 Beta and Facebook removing the "is" from status updates are the day's big news....

But Mashable has done well to keep things interesting today

Feels like everyone in the blogosphere is feeling has a major case of holiday fever...


The Echo
Lee's Twitter Guide
Winer's thoughts...decentralize
YoungGoGetters...social media, this should be a case study
YouTube HD or High Quality?
Love this


What I learned from Twitter This Week

I began tweeting in April 2006 at the Web 2.0 Expo and after a short hiatus have been back tweeting daily (I would say "religiously" but I've been attempting to avoid hyperbole lately). While my friends and co-workers can't for the life of them understand the appeal, or importance, of Twitter...frankly, I can't see how they can't. (One caveat here, I do have a mild obsession-- and even woke up one morning realizing that I had just been dreaming in tweets).

Twitter is where the conversations are, and has pretty much replaced my Google reader! Its like the back of the news room where everyone is chattering and thinking aloud and brainstorming before they actually post to their blogs. I used to say I'd read something in the blogosphere two days before it was in print--and a day before the print publication's online counterpart--and now I feel that I can get a sense of what will be in the blogosphere days before the posts go up via Twitter feeds. More than empirical information regarding business or blogging or 2.0...Twitter offers nuanced insight into the lives of others.

This week, not only did I keep keep up with all the bloggers I normally read and find the usual information on Android and Facebook and Apple being anti-social, but I also found out that Allen Stern may be depressed, Max Kalehoff's kid had a birthday party, and Biz Stone was in a conference room at Oxford University. What does this information matter? Maybe it doesn't, but keying into the this kind of information from some of the most dynamic influencers in this ever-evolving communications landscape--surely is worth something in the bucket?

And this just noticed...Allen got a $20million offer for CenterNetworks? Really?



RCRD LBL is live...widgetized and ready to go


Note to Oprah: Embedding is Immenint

Tsk, tsk, Oprah, disallowing embedding of your YT videos....who cares? We'll get the footage anyway. Paul Potts is my mild obsession at the moment. Look at this darling little man from South Wales...a cell phone salesman turned opera superstar...and he still keeps his day job heh heh!




OpenSocial, Android and of course, Oprah

Ok, so I'm not even touching OpenSocial or Android...(everyone and their mom twittering has that one covered, besides, not like my two cents is worth, well, two cents)...but you know, for some Pop2.0 I'm twittering away....You know Web 2.0 has completely saturated every nook and cranny of the pop culture radar when Oprah has a "YouTube's Greatest Hits" show....complete with Chad Hurley and Steven Chen on hand to answer questions. Now note: I do not watch Oprah...but maybe I'll tivo it tomorrow since she is having the skating bulldog and Paul Potts on...


A Few Vids..

[via scoble]

The Web is the Platform...Almost

Yep, "Maka-Maka" has exploded and Google's codnamed initiative, now OpenSocial, is set to bring us one step closer to an unbound web. Next step? Decentralize the social graph! With heavy hitters like Bebo, the kids at Six Apart, LinkdIn, fast-growing Imeem, and that black sheep in Santa Monica jumping aboard OpenSocial (ahem, will the giant white elephant in the room here please exit, its making this awkward) that golden carrot of the web is the platform is appearing ever nearer still. What we have to look forward to:
Near future: semantic search; two-way API's; open data; agencies now hiring: social linguists; micro-micro-niching. Utopian future: decentralized everything.