All Under One Roof

There, is that so hard? The little birdie says that Google is actively doing this...but I just have been perplexed as to why all these elements are still fragmented...the space is nimble and new and everyone's experimenting and figuring it out and i love it. Social media strategists and co's know communication....Interactive agencies know design and create the pretty flash stuff...the geekerati build out the killer apps....can't we all get along under one roof? Why can't I bring together the best from these 3 areas ....bring in the expert communicators, the social app experts...the "butterfiles" of the social graph...hook 'em up with the Tobias Baecks of the world + killer app wizzards who dream in code....and then leverage some awesome social media analytics like Collective Intellect...and when the graph opens up then will we really begin to see some thing shaken up in the marketing world.. (come on....I'm on the Giant Global Graph bandwagon and lets aggregate it and tap it)...and now I'm getting off point, which is not unusual given my tangential nature and of course, the ADD...and hence the ellipses..ack.


Darren Kelly said...

Amen! The other skill set I think this agency needs are the one-on-one conversation management skills of the better PR folks. But instead of managing 50 journalists, you manage 100 million consumers....

-Darren Kelly, SVP Biz Dev
Collective Intellect

MST 1948 said...

Agreed. :)