Follow Up Thoughts on The Social Media/Advertising Debate

Here are just some follow up thoughts on the response to the CNNMoney.com post, Jim Nails comments, subsquent comments by others on the post, ect...

I agree that the issue is this: can the social graph be monetized and can advertising exist within the context of the social graph. here's my take: advertising must fundamentally change its approach to social media. social media forces brands to communicate AUTHENTICALLY with people (note: not "conusmers") because social media amplifies you are as a brand, as a company. its time to adjust the thinking and dislodge the equilibrium. In order for brands to exist within a social context, they must adapt or fail.

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Jim Nail said...

I couldn't agree more that marketers need to change their approach and I agree they need to stop thinking about "Consumers". But I disagree they should think about "users". How about just plain "people"? Here's a blog post I did a while ago on the topic: http://blog.cymfony.com/2006/11/great_ideas_i_l_1.html

And there is beginning to be good data about how this new form of marketing must look; here's my blog about a great panel I did earlier this month at AdTech: http://blog.cymfony.com/2007/11/how-to-learn-to.html