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TweatFreak, 50 to Follow

Well, another "who to follow on Twitter" list! Sadly, I have been somewhat MIA due to (gasp! client work!) from both Twitter AND dear old Socialized...never fear, I'm returning slowly, working out some new thoughts that hopefully won't be overly boring, pedantic or irrelevant (that's all we can hope for, no?). Well here it is, as Jon Stewart would say, you're moment of zen...or the 50 people to follow on Twitter (according to AdWeek's TweatFreak)...yours truly is #2, although, ahem, its in alphabetical order!:

@adbroad Helen Klein Ross. Partner at Supporting Characters and writer of the Ad Broad blog and the @bettydraper Twitter account. Well versed in social media as both an adviser and a practitioner.

@alisamleo Alisa Leonard-Hanson. Social-media strategist at iCrossing. For the tech-minded, a strategist very focused on the issue of data portability and what it means for marketing.

@armano David Armano, former vp of experience design, Critical Mass, now heading to Dachis Corp. Heavy focus on the ins and outs of social media.

@awolk Alan Wolk. Creative strategist, industry pundit and occasional play-by-play man at Little League games.

Lars Bastholm. Chief creative digital officer at Ogilvy and a man unafraid to tweet from his hospital bed.

@bbhlabs Ben Malbon. Director of BBH Labs. Strategies for the digital world.

@benkunz Ben Kunz. Director of strategic planning at Mediassociates. Witty industry commentary with a willingness to call BS on social-media marketing gone awry.

@BestBuyCMO Barry Judge, CMO, Best Buy. Insights from the client side.

@BogusBogusky The imagined life of the Crispin Porter + Bogusky creative leader.

@cshirky Clay Shirky. New-media pundit, professor and prophet of doom for traditional media.

@dabitch Åsk Wäppling. The force behind Adland, the mother of all advertising blogs.

@davidburn David Burn. Self-described "content machine" and writer of the AdPulp blog. Indefatigable chronicler of all things advertising, journalism and entertainment.

Doug Chavez. Senior manager of digital marketing at Del Monte. A client with agency chops. Also a frenetic triathlete.

Edward Boches, chief creative officer at Mullen. A full-fledged Twitter convert ready to share and interact on ad topics.

Faris Yakob, chief technology strategist, McCann Erickson. All things interactive.

Fernanda Romano. Global creative director for digital and experiential advertising at Euro RSCG.

Rich Ting. Ecd, mobile and emerging media/applications group, R/GA. A mobile guru who even has his infant daughter using Twitter through an RFID contraption.

Fred Wilson, partner at Union Square Ventures. An early Twitter investor, Wilson is a venture capitalist with a recent knack for spotting technology and media trends.

Hugh MacLeod. Cartoonist, business thinker and author of the forthcoming book Ignore Everybody.

@heif Scott Heifferman. CEO, Meetup. An advertising skeptic and true believer in real-life communities.

@HighJive HighJive. Self-described "conqueror of cultural cluelessness" and author of the MultiCultClassics blog.

@iboy George Nimeh. An American based in London as managing director at Iris Digital. Unafraid of the f-bomb.

@ischafer Ian Schafer. CEO of Deep Focus and ubiquitous Internet ad pundit.

@jeffjarvis Jeff Jarvis. Journalist, customer-support agitator, author of What Would Google Do? and BuzzMachine and believer that "advertising is failure."

@jetpacks Dave Wilkie. Advertising "hack" and author of the Where's My Jetpack? blog.

Jordan Kretchmer. Vp of brand, The Current Network. Became a Twitter ad legend with his decision to open up the brand's RFP process through Twitter.

@joemarchese Joe Marchese, CEO of Social Vibe. The startup's CEO dissects the social scene and gives insight on getting agencies on board with his company’s melding of social marketing and charity.

@johnbattelle John Battelle, CEO, Federated Media. Thoughts about social media and search.

@karllong Karl Long. Experience Curve blogger and T-shirt connoisseur.

@katrinalimbaugh Katrina Limbaugh. Director of communications for Zig. A good mix of ad links with minimal agency self-promo.

Leigh Householder, associate strategy director at Ologie. Author of the Advergirl blog, she offers a mishmash of personal and professional with an emphasis on social media and brands.

@luckthelady Angela Natividad. Blogger for Adrants. Best described as a "skeptical optimist," she delivers marketing news (and life lessons) with personality and panache.

@MackCollier Mack Collier. Social-media consultant. Digital media insight without the douchebaggery. His down-to-earth perspectives make him one of the more respected consultants on the speaker circuit.

Ann Handley. Chief content officer at Marketing Profs. A dose of marketing wisdom without the annoying side effects of the punditocracy.

@markwnek Mark Wnek. Chairman and chief creative officer of Lowe New York and one of the more active "traditional" ad guys on Twitter.

@MCHammer Hammer. Rapper, pastor and Internet celebrity devoted to the networking and marketing power of Twitter and its ability to shorten the distance between entertainer and consumer.

Tom Ajello. Founding partner, Poke New York. A tech enthusiast and occasional fist-bumper who preaches building things that advertise rather than advertising.

Mike Arauz Strategist at Undercurrent. Chronicles the latest and greatest in Web culture without the Digg nerd factor.

@mtlb Bill Green. "Idea guy" for Plaid and the force behind the Make the Logo Bigger blog. A quirky, comprehensive look at the world of advertising and social media.

@nicknotned Nick Denton. CEO of Gawker Media. The blog impresario (or "gossip merchant," as his bio says) began using the service again just last month after a nearly yearlong hiatus.

Morning anchor on NYC news station NY1 and the editorial force behind Pat's Papers, an insightful and amusing daily summary of U.S. news headlines. Joined Twitter fairly recently but got up to speed in a New York minute.

@pblackshaw Pete Blackshaw. Evp of digital strategic services at Nielsen Online. Tweets about the quest for buzz online.

@revbillytalen Reverend Billy. Pastor of the Church of Stop Shopping and preacher that advertising has made the world worse, not better.

@rgleeson Renny Gleeson. Global director of digital strategies at Wieden + Kennedy. Unafraid to share his music choices via Blip.fm.

@spikejones Spike Jones, firestarter at Brains on Fire. The resident Twitter curmudgeon, frequently unimpressed by social media stalwarts.

@tombed Tom Bedecarré. CEO of AKQA. The rare agency CEO who comes across as somewhat normal on Twitter. Admirable restraint in self-promotion.

@umairh Umair Haque. Director of Havas Media Lab who ponders the new rules for brands in the "edgeconomy."

@vinnywarren Vinny Warren. Owner of The Escape Pod, creator of "Whassup campaign. Insight on the digital world from an old-school creative.

@whatsnext BL Ochman. A consultant and social-media savant who actually knows what she's talking about.

@woodlandalyssa Consumer/tech/travel publicist and prolific observer of the NYC media world.


on internetting

-- Benjamin Kunkel on the pleasures and pitfalls of internetting, for the n+1 Book Review


Data.Gov is Live!

I have been a rather poor blogger lately....alas, too much client work and travel and perhaps a little too much laze. Working on a few posts, in the meantime, Data.Gov is live! Check it out...back to the blogging soon!


Holy Freak-- Google Wave Seeking an Open, Socially Contextual Web

Google announced a new open source protocol, Wave, they will be rolling out later this year providing "a new model for communication and collaboration across the web"-- i.e. integrating social context (communication) and interaction with documents and apps (collaboration). Google's description below:

What is a wave?

- A wave is equal parts conversation and document. People can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

- A wave is shared. Any participant can reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and add participants at any point in the process. Then playback lets anyone rewind the wave to see who said what and when.

- A wave is live. With live transmission as you type, participants on a wave can have faster conversations, see edits and interact with extensions in real-time.

As you can imagine the DataPortability Project is very excited to learn more about this project and are seeking input from the developer community to better understand its relevance to data portability and the future web (social context, anyone?)

Below is a longish video (1 hour plus) of Vic Gundotra, VP of engineering at Google, introducing Wave at Google IO: