Ready to Get "Socialized"? 10 Things to Consider Before Bothering Your Agency's Overworked Social Media Team

So everyone's drunk the kool aid on social....they've heard the cries of social media strategists everywhere (ahem) that the WEB IS SOCIAL! Ok! everyone's all fired up and inboxes are overflowing with requests for "social"...

For those wanting to "go social" a few things to consider, swallow, accept or dismiss before firing the guns

1. Before you ask about ROI consider this-- people are talking about with or without you. The conversation is invaluable. Are you in or are you out?

2. That's the point! Socializing your brand. Social initiatives are about brand building, community building, feedback gathering, awareness, relationships...it should be inextricable from your brand's strategic plan and certainly central to digital strategy.

3. A note on social media monitoring: a) Approach it with the expectation that it is about providing strategic intelligence based on the consumer conversation b) Use it to benchmark and track initiatives and programs c) Do NOT approach it as a watchdog solution and save you and your social media team the headaches

4. Don't suck as a brand company

5. If you think you can control, "herd," push or pull "consumers" (ahem, people), you're not ready. Have some more kool aid.

6. Can I say it again? Think strategically

7. Ask yourself two questions: How can I be useful? Why will people care?

8. Respect the attention economy

9. If "viral" is somewhere in your aspirations, stop reading this and read this

10. Lighten up, socializing is supposed to be fun

And as one last caveat: as the consumer landscape continues to change due to cheap, ubiquitous technologies that allow for instant, global publishing and communication it will continue to dramatically change the marketing game. If the above list makes you choke on your kool aid, keep drinking.

We are still in the early stages of that change, and while some people are choosing to embrace the "tenets of social" the reality is it won't be a choice for long. The change is charging along. People are social, the Web is our global platform, and markets are conversations (one big long sip of Cluetrain kool aid there-- and MMMM it tastes good).


Old.soul.in.the.city said...

Weird its like your reading my mind? HA! Another thing is don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand what social media is and why you should participate in it.

For instance, don't assume as you make an ass out of U and Me so before you send out that e-mail asking me to upload images to youtube.... think again.

Martin Edic said...

Don't suck- ain't that the truth!
The way I see it , the 'old school' Internet is about information, the social media sphere is about communication. It's a whole new layer that is equal in its potential to, once again, radically change our lives.
The fact that I am, on a daily basis, communicating with people all over the globe that I'm unlikely to ever meet in the flesh, is a pretty major change, a change that will reorient society.

Weave said...

I love this. Great points. Funny, too!

Adam said...

lol @ #4, i hope you havent told that to a client!

Matt Griswold said...

Well said!

I especially love #4: "Don't Suck" -- if your brand sucks, then just (a) waste your dollars shouting in defiance of your evident suckiness as you slowly fade into obscurity; or (b) fix your brand.

NaomiCanBlog said...

Yessss great post! Summed up so well not surprisingly by the ever talented alisa.

10. Lighten up, socializing is supposed to be fun

amen sistaaaaa

Pierre Wikberg said...

I don´t understand. Dumb swede.