alisa can blog?

So this is what happens when you juggle writing other people's blogs and client work (and your numerous online accounts...come on Data Portability WorkGroup...work faster)...I get into weeks where my own blogging falls flat. Sadly. Or I end up with cheap 3am ramblings... So lets see.

This week I've taken to checking out Next New Networks and their band of merry vloggers, including of course the luminary Nick "Valleywag" Douglas with Goggleburn...although watching all of the inane videos that surface across the interweb into viral glory sometimes makes me want to kill myself. But then I press play. again.

Also, you may have noticed changes to RCRD LBL which include easier nav from the homepage and much, much more content (more artists + labels...and more to come says the birdie) and something tells me there may be more to come? Everyone I have intro'd RCDLBL to loves it and kuddos to Pete for a) solving the world's digital music distress and b) making it look freaking good

And although I wouldn't call the new iPod touch software upgrades "major" I'm pretty stoked and yes, paying the 20 bucks for the upgrade (is that ridic?)...holla.

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