Social Media Wars

No, not blogga wars. I'm talking about the current battle right now on who will own the corporate social media strategy. PR lost the corporate website in the 90's to Marketing, a bitter loss that is still apparently a sore spot for some. Now, with the dawn of mainstream social media and emerging corporate strategies, again the battle has been resumed. But lets throw some other players into the field: we have digital marketing, PR, and content distribution/tech 2.0 companies.

My take:

Battle for the Corporate Media Strategy:

Corporate social media strategy will be execution against a formula of social media monitoring; community engagement by new social communicators adept both at communications and utilizing social technologies; creating a relevant, responsible dialogue with customers for the purpose of gaining insight, feedback and for converting customers into advocates online. This would be best executed within a comprehensive digital strategy-- executing in conjunction with SEO & SEM, digital asset development & distribution, with recommendations from the social media strategists for both earned and paid media.

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