One Tag Cloud to Rule Them All

So if anyone follows my Twitter feed today I tweeted about a dreaming of a giant, pulsating tag cloud. That wasn't an exaggeration. I literally dreamt of one (no biggie, I've also dreamt about tweeting with Scoble weirdly enough, and once I dreamt of PHP script fall down a black screen). But basically the dream was exactly what it sounds like-- a giant tag cloud that was pulling tags from the entire internet and aggregating them into a beautiful fluffy tag cloud which updated in real time so that the tags expanded and shrunk.

The brain of the internets. Well, the subconscious of the internets?


Who wants to take a crack at it? Is this the Googlezon?

In the meantime, @fimoculous told me about WE FEEL FINE...its a mesmerizing and weirdly voyeuristic peek into the lives of others internet style. I've been playing with it for the past hour.

Also fun for killing time and for when you need those internet zen moments-- DIY marketplace Etsy's Colors page...

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