Never Never Post at 3am

Well, I'm not about to, only to say that this may turn into a vlog. Yes, me talking about all the things I wish I had the patience to write after I've already verbally downloaded them in the conference room to David Weller. Some topics I've recently mused:

Coming soon, perhaps in video

Twitter/adoption curve
The Open Movement and what it means for SMM
Viral vs. Vital Content
Best Pracitces/Case Study: Facebook
Best Practices/Case Study: Twitter
SMM Spend 2008/2009
Future of SMM (My Flash Freaks + PHP Geeks + SMM Maven Post)
Beyond Beacon/OpenSocial:The Giant Global Graph
2006: Year of the "Social Network," 2007: Year of the Widget, 2008: Year of...
Internet Memes
Web 2.0 is a Four Letter Word
The New Nu Marketer

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