Coke Side of Nothing

Cokes latest foray into social media has led them to create an island in the virtual world There.com. Two things to say about that-- how well did that Coke Pavillion in SecondLife turn out for you guys? and second, virtual worlds are useless (right now) because, well, no one's in virtual worlds (although MTV desperately wants you to think otherwise).

My questions to Coke: What is the objective here other than getting coverage in the NYTimes? Cutting edge branding? I think this will go down as well as New Coke.

Frankly, I don't understand the big companies and why they embark on such money and time-wasting schemes. And this latest one from Coke is mind-boggling given all the data around virtual worlds-- they don't have traction with the market at large; they have significant drop-off rates; their previous SecondLife bust..... Who the hell do they have on their global online marketing team?

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