On data ubiquity

So Facebook Connect is finally making some strides with Silicon Alley Insider posting today that Gawker's new user sign-ups and comments have increased due to their Facebook Connect implementation.

Now, this has been a frequent topic of mine as of late...and lets for a minute suppose a world in which user graph data was readily accessible across any Web touch point, to the point that one's user experience became completely intuitive and socially contextual based on said graph data. Think, the Amazon model on steroids (using your actual data, not cookies or anonymized data). Awesome or creepy?


Anonymous said...

It will happen anyway
So good or bad, let's get prepared and precautiously decide what we want to tell about us

alisa leonard-hansen said...

@dumeny you make a good point, and thanks for your input... Self- editorlization will become a key component to to all of this! Ps- I noted you're signed in with your OpenID :)