Obligatory 2009 Predications

Alrighty...well its that time of year again! Some obligatory predictions for 2009:

1. Data portability (and Data Portability) will be hot topic #1...and marketers even start taking notice (and making Power Points about it)...

2. Facebook Connect becomes BUZZWORD OF THE YEAR for 2009

3. The year that Facebook Connect EATS THE INTERNET: FBC will outpace open standards and the likes of MySpaceID in terms of awareness and adoption...creating an AOL-like view of the social web through a distributed Facebook Network of sites

4. Facebook backs an ad-network into FBC and finally starts to make some money

5. Self-editorialization becomes a high priority (and Rex Sorgatz will coin an uber-awesome phrase for it that starts getting mentioned everywhere around the blogosphere) as data portability (well, FBC) creates even more visibility into our lives than we have now

6. The battle between Open vs. Closed in the Identity 2.0 (data portability) war heats up majorly

7. But open standards will continue making strides to eventually overpower Facebook's Walled Internet Garden and AOL-like attempt to BE THE INTERNET (not in 2009...but eventually)

And since we're future-telling, thought this oldie but goodie was most appropriate...enjoy the view from 2015! (note, Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson made it in 2003)


Ryan Moede said...

Amazing how the 2015 video seems more relevant than ever.

PH said...

Happy New Year. I don't hazard many predictions, but I'm with you on the FB Connect monetization. And I can't believe they aren't going to end up selling some of that data if/when your #7 comes true.