OMMA Global Platform Wars!

I'll be moderating the "Social Swirl" panel on Thursday at OMMA Global's two-day expo, "Platform Wars." I'll have Twitter up in case anyone wants to @ a question during...
Check out the deets:

Social Swirl: Using Social Media to Distribute Content

Thursday 9/18
11:15am - 12:00pm
Session Description:

Distributing content online used to be a matter of striking partnership deals with major portals and other established sites who could potentially drive traffic, but social media gives content a new, if somewhat unruly, way to push their programs out to those who might be interested, creators. From Twitter to Friendfeed, MySpace to Meebo, how are major content providers using the burgeoning number of social media channels as distribution networks? Does social media provide content providers with more engaged users? And, of course, how does social media compare with other channels as a traffic generator?

...Also attending this sesh beforehand which I think (hope) will be great...streams!

PANEL: What is Content? Westside Ballroom - North

Forces such as social networking, instant messaging and data portability are reshaping the notions of content, communication and distribution. Content has always been an organizing principle around which advertising revolves, but now that users are generating content, becoming content themselves and demanding that they be able to take content with them wherever they go, media companies are left with monetization and distribution puzzles that are as confounding as today's digital consumption patterns. Is there a financially rewarding business for a content owner or creator in a post Web 2.0 world? How can they navigate an environment where the strategy isn't necessarily about establishing a destination, but also fostering content distribution?

Diane Mermigas, Editor-at-large, MediaPost's MediaDailyNews

Jason Kilar, CEO, Hulu
Jeff Berman, President of Sales & Marketing, MySpace
Albert Cheng, Executive Vice President of Digital Media, ABC Television Group
Mark Goldman, Chief Operating Officer, Current Media
Douglas Scott, President, OgilvyEntertainment

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