notes to self: because i'm lazy & i ramble

sometimes i ramble...the following is the word-vomit result of walking from the office to the subway and getting agitated that i no longer carry my moleskine with me (damned technology age!) so in lieu of writing notes i v-noted myself. so if you have some desire to watch me ramble for 10 minutes (YES I KNOW!) go ahead. but at some point some of this will be put down neatly into some posts.




Eric Weaver said...

Daaang...this is great stuff! You should interview with Edelman Digital - this is all right up their alley.

Steve said...

You mean Edelman that created all those fake blogs that demonstrated their complete understanding of social media?

eric weaver said...


C'mon, man, I just started. I'm on my third day. It's a cool gig.