The Funny Thing about "Drama"

The funny thing to me, about all this Drama Blogga stuff, is that look at me, I'm just a little 'ol blogger simply cataloguing things I find interesting for my own enjoyment. Just like Drama likes to point out, my ranking is somewhere close to the 600,000 range, and I'm just a self-proclaimed "social media junkie." Exactly! I make no inflated claims of "spiking the Web 2.0 kool aid by providing a critical analysis of Web 2.0 startups and the impact of Web 2.0 on the media industry." as Drama does, nor do I claim to be a "marketing visionary" (as Drama, again, claims to be). I'm just a chic with an inexplicable penchant for social technologies and semi-geeky things. The only thing I claim, in fact, is being just what the tag line says-- a "social media junkie." So, I suppose it makes some people feel good to take on those obviously far less superior, and doing semi-creepy things like scraping my photo and photoshopping it-- I mean, its cool I guess, if you're into that sort of thing. But dude, chill-- seriously. Most of my posts, if you read them, are merely observations or short little musings for my own sake. I'm not positioning myself as the "Keyser Söze" of Web 2.0-- and yes I get that Drama is being tongue and cheek about it all...but seriously? Taking on the little guys is um, so weirdly aggressive. Its cool, you know, to make fun of someone's interests-- right? Totally!

So, I will continue to blog about the things that interest me: like, the Nextcity digital art exhibit at the New Museum; new developments around the DP Wokrgroup and the Social Graph API; and probably the new microformats being established around relationship and attention data....why? Because I just want to, thats why.


Anonymous said...

rightttttttttttt on you social media junkie!

to all the dramas of the world, tongue and cheek- yeah sure- but sometimes at the end of the day you're just being an asshole.

Anonymous said...

if anybody is an asshole its alisa. look at the email she sent. what did she expect??