The Echo Chamber

I've been blogging for a while about the disconnect between technology and start-ups' understanding of the market and marketing--but Jackie Peters of HeavyBag Media has perfectly articulated what this disconnect is and means in a guest post on Mashable in which she explains the situation she refers to as the early-adopter, startup entrepreneur, private-beta-junkie echo chamber.

But my favorite part is when she expounds on the future of "social media" (again, DEAD ON)

Social media in another year or two will be non-existent, it will just be the Web, same as it’s always been, just the next evolution. We don’t need to confuse the masses by getting over their heads with all of the technological mumbo jumbo. We just need to integrate the functionality into our products and services and make sure that there’s a good enough reason for doing so - that it adds value and fulfills the needs and desires of a market, the rest will fall into place. So rather than focusing on the technology, why not focus on how the product makes the user’s experience better.

Sound familiar? It should.....remember "social media" is not a silo!

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Martin Edic said...

To which I would add:
The 'traditional' Internet is the information and transaction layer, social media is the communication layer.