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I'm suffering from jargon fall-out and and 'thought leadership' overload and I think I may just scream. Or blog. I'm sick of all the jargon and would-be "social media consultants" and oh god, the THOUGHT LEADERSHIP. I suppose its a way for overly articulate, exceedingly verbal people to actually matter...but how many actually DO anything? Social media is about doing-- not pontificating (and yes, I know I'm guilty and may even be so right this minute in this very ill-conceived blog post). I wonder how many "social media strategists" who say, believe in blogging actually BLOG? ("Blogging? thats just a little too 'tactical'...I'm a stategist!"). Or, how many "conversation" pundits actualy participate in the 'conversations' online through various enabling social technologies? And brands...BRAND? Can I say no one gives a crap about your BRAND, don't be so myopic. Wake up. Think (or blog) like a human.

And another thing..."social media" is the Web. Or rather, the current iteration of the Web as a platform-- its evolved as it will continue to do so. The surface is just being scratched. Also, there will probably be a backlash against social within the myopic marketing industry, but lo and behold people will keep chugging along, changing the face of communication and media and hopefulyl then, THEN there will be a shift in thinking-- and doing.

And one more thing that may or may not have any consequence-- I love Macs. I've only ever had Apple computers from my wee infancy (dad was a quasi-geek who first taught me the thrills of computing on our Apple IIe). I will only ever buy Apples as my BRAND LOYALTY (or, what humans call "preference") is well, off the charts skewed to Apple. You know who doesn't have engage in the "conversation" or have a "social media" strategy/presence/whateveryouwanttocallit? You guessed it, APPLE.

the end.

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Martin Edic said...

Ha-ha! Someone needs a vacation...take a long weekend and then we'll discuss your anger!

Great post but Apple doesn't need to do it, they've got thousands of fans doing it for them.