ad:tech Day One

This is my question-- why are so many panels comprised of people who don't know what the hell they are talking about?

Lets start with this morning's opening keynote, "This is Not Your Father's Kodak":

Now, I made it over late to the keynote as I was trying to get connected to the bloody WiFi. Once I finally get WiFi, I walked briskly to the conference room-- to be greeted by clips of the Apprentice and the booming voice of CMO Jeff Hayzlett of Kodak touting "Kodak 2.0" Yeah-- this was going to be good (my snobbery about CMOs talking about anything '2.0' or 'social media' is not a secret).

After proclaiming himself "the most successful CMO out there!"
he proceeded to tout his "game-changing" strategies for the company. Apparently getting Kodak on the Apprentice was some form of genius forward thinking marketing. He then shows a few "online video commercials" which, admittedly are pretty funny (Vinny taking a printer out to the docks, beating it and saying it disappointed the family). However-- big problem...its still a COMMERCIAL..and too long. These videos would have more impact if you ripped out the explicit messaging and cut it in half (if we're talking about engaging the digital and therefore networked--ie social media-using consumer).

Next, good old Jeff declares "I BELIEVE IN PRINT." Awkward. This is the premiere DIGITAL MARKETING conference....I believe in print? Ahem...

Audience Q&A closed out the keynote with a question to Kodak on its next move...Jeff's reply? "We're gonna go after EVERYTHING."

I was on my way out of the hall, not intending to stay put for the next keynote when, as I was just about to exit I hear "next is Art of the Conversation....social media." Ah, the SM...I had to stay for this...this oughta be interesting (again, the snobbery).

Sure enough, I was only too delighted to hear Sony, Nestle, and Levi's discuss the merits of blogging and engaging the consumer (overused phrase of the year: "engaging the consumer").

What ensued during the next hour was the most frantic Twittering of my life (with Steve Hall ReTweeting some of my Tweets on the ad:tech blog Twitter feed). I was nearly leaping out of my seat (oh, if only David Weller had been there...he would have been restraining me). Oh! The erroneous statements about blogs, social networks, engagment, metrics....and then in a frenzy of Twhirl replies and Tweets the session came to a close

I'm now headed to the Social Network Marketing panel after having just finished Tweeting the Modern Agency panel. Social Network Marketing? This oughta be good...I'll be live Tweeting this

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