Social Media Now

My Take on What Works NOW:

* WOM- Social media as a platform for conducting measurable WOM campaigns

* Social media as an "SCRM"-- a social CRM in which you establish long-term goals of creating, fostering, and sustaining an online community (read: this can be executed in many different ways, not necessarily suggesting literally building your own network) with which to cultivate a reciprocal relationship with customers & prospects. Build a live, socialized database & channel for CRM.

* Monitoring what is being said about you online.

*Support & Extend - Social media operates as support for existing online & offline campaigns; creating an online, social touch point for say, events or particularly compelling display media.

(My none too secret hope of course is that with the help of the social nets themselves, they will begin to release the data that will so benefit marketing efforts (and them!) in social media.)

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