Social Computing Utopia: Ubitquity

For some reason there is debate around the merits of data portability, and more specifically the Data Portability Workgroup. But really, data portability is merely a step in a further abstraction from the present structure of the Web-- contained sites to a "pageless web" that is an open, fluid, ever ubiquitous form of computing. The promise of a web that is at once networked, liquid, social, and semantic. Data portability nay-sayers, in my opinion, lack the vision to see that DP is simply one of the first elements in many iterations in the progression towards a seemless, social web. We are evlolving from lock-in "sites" and "social networks" even now (to creating microformats and the promise of data storage in the decentralized "Cloud" of virtual servers). It seems we are only at the tip of the iceberg...if we step back and think of computing as a series of abstractions, each iteration enabling a higher degree of connectivity, ease of use, decentralization and seemlessness-- we may begin to see that a fluid, connected, "portable" web experience (even a VRM) is not far flung. I say "portable" because eventually "portability" would in theory disolve into simply "ubiquity."

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