Fragmented Sphere & The Importance of The Little Guy

My ADD, and indulgence of it, are no secret. Spend two minutes conversing (or gchatting) with me and you know that "tagential" is somewhat of a euphemism. As I've mentioned earlier, the nature of the social web and its conversations not only suits this particular character trait, but it is this tangential, hyper-multi-tasking (may I submit-- meta-tasking?) that indeed has driven the entire social web movement. It could be postulated that social media influencers, agitators, and avid social media creators/consumers are some of the most passionate, in-tune, and attentive to trend and emerging news. And while marketers and new media PR are scrambling to quantify & measure the noisy, social web most, of the rudimentary metrics come from analyzing data from the BMOC's
...But determining value of noisemakers, the little guys flying under the radar are perhaps the most passionate (:consumers: ugh, excuse the profanity) and I suppose what I'm getting at (the ADD is kicking in, mental processing is stalling, and the Boston/Angels game is on right now...) is is there any application out there, any algorithm (doesn't have to be from Jersey) out there that can find and index niche blogs dedicated to a particular topic based on frequency of posting + topic relevance, regardless of inbound links and SE rank? I mean, while these blogs/bloggers may not be well socialized yet, certainly they are 1) dedicated to their passion enough to religiously post regardless of gain, monetary or notoriety or otherwise, and 2) are likely alpha-frequenters & participants of major (BMOC) blogs & relevant communities (due in part to their need to find new content for their own blogs). So, in conclusion....I have no conclusion at this point...because any conclusions would be, of course, grossly premature. Rather, I'm hoping my friend Matt will help me out with a dialogue as this is sometimes a frequent topic of our gchats...

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