Dispicable App of the Week

Um, so this has to be one of the lamest-- if not devastatingly un-PC-- things I've come across in a while. JihadOnYou is a "satirical" social hub for venting frustrations and declaring "holy war" on whatever it is that is royally pissing you off (oh, and other users may rate your jihad Digg-style). I'm not too sure what genius bunch of bros decided to come up with this concept, but a word of advice guys: don't piss off a third of the world's population when embarking on a business idea, ok? They do offer this specatularly neanderthal mea culpa:

"We realize the flippant use of the concept of jihad might be offensive to some, especially those who consider it an important part of their culture. Our intention is not to offend, so we invite all who may feel wronged by this site to leave immediately"

Um. wow.


info said...

[smooch] Muah! You're a doll-baby.

- Jihadonyou

dan said...

nice site you got here. :D and ya, i kinda hated jihadonyou too. :D