Mashable Lists "Ten Great Facebook Connect Implementations"

Today Mash posted "10 Great Facebook Implementations" with nary a word on MySpaceID late one wonders wither the MySpaceID partners? Here's a summary of Mashable's take:

1. Joost

How it uses Facebook Connect: Joost was an early partner, and they’ve been quick to integrate - notifications, updates, comments, and favorites all stream into your Facebook. Oh, and of course you can log into Joost with a Facebook account with absolute ease.

Why it is a winner:
Joost really shows what you can do with Facebook integration: seamless logins, updates on the website via Facebook, and news feed items that your friends will see.

2. Vimeo

How it uses Facebook Connect:
Vimeo not only allows you to log into their website using Facebook, but it also sends your likes and uploads into the Facebook news feed.

Why it is a winner:
Simplicity is bliss - lowering the barriers to create an account on Vimeo is a simple win for all users. And not only is it easier to join Vimeo, it’s also a great branding opportunity - when a person constantly sees his or her friends putting up new videos on news feed, they’re bound to visit Vimeo.

Oh, and as a bonus, here’s a great Vimeo tutorial about integrating your blog with Facebook Connect:

How To: Add Facebook Connect to Your Blog in 8 Minutes from Dave Morin on Vimeo.

3. Facebook Connect for MediaWiki

How it uses Facebook Connect: Facebook made sure that the software that runs Wikipedia wasn’t ignored. The result is the Facebook Connect plug-in for MediaWiki. If you’re running a wiki, it makes it very easy for your users to log in and start making edits.

Why it is a winner:
MediaWiki is a highly-used software, but because you can edit most wikis without logging in, not as many people sign up. Facebook Connect helps fill in that gap by making it easier to log into a wiki. In addition, you can use XFBML tags in wiki text (though I wouldn’t recommend it until they update the security of it).

4. Workstir

How it uses Facebook Connect: Workstir goes a step farther than most Facebook Connect integrations. Not only can you log into Workstir with a Facebook account, but work requests in your area will immediately pop up. So if you’re looking to get in some extra work or need to find a designer for a project, Workstir and Facebook Connect make it incredibly easy.

Why it is a winner: Work requests are very geographical - you’re not going to hire a carpenter in Minnesota if you live in San Jose. Facebook Connect helps weed out the noise so you instantly see what’s available in your area. It’s just plain smart.

5. BackType

How it uses Facebook Connect:
Backtype allows you to use Facebook Connect to claim comments you post online, and soon it will allow you to import all of your comments, everywhere, into your news feed.

Why it is a winner:
Claiming comments becomes simpler with the Backtype service, and importing all of those comments into News feed will be a good addition, unless you comment on 30 or 40 blogs a day. Then you might just be a bit too noisy for your friends.

6. CNN the Forum

How it uses Facebook Connect:
CNN has been a leader in social media integration for media companies, and it’s no different with Facebook Connect. CNN the Forum allows you to find your friends on CNN and compare, discuss, or vehemently argue the finer points of politics.

Why it is a winner: Sure, you’ll argue with strangers about politics, but you gain an even stronger connection to the website if you’re discussing the issues with your friends. CNN is once again a step ahead of the media companies when it comes to social media.

7. Digg

How it uses Facebook Connect: This one may not immediately come to mind anymore, because Digg integrated with Facebook in April. While you still can’t log into Digg with your Facebook account (Hey, Kevin and Co, you promised this in July), you can import your Diggs into the Facebook news feed.

Why it is a Winner:
It’s a success in branding and traffic driving. Digg was one of the first partners with Facebook on Facebook Connect and news feed. The result of this partnership has been thousands of Diggs in news feeds all across Facebook. As more people join Digg and import their information to Facebook, more people gain exposure to it. They still need to take the next step and make logging into Digg through Facebook Connect available.

8. Red Bull Connect

How it uses Facebook Connect: It’s not a blog, it’s not a plug-in, it’s not a social network - it’s a success at using Facebook to build a brand. Red Bull Connect is a flash-based website that allows users to read information from Red Bull websites, as well as comments, from Facebook friends.

Why it is a winner: They implemented it quickly, they implemented it seamlessly, and Red Bull will not stop with just Red Bull Connect. Red Bull has been successful with its branding through online media and I am curious to see how Red Bull uses Facebook next for its branding efforts.

9. Xobni

How it uses Facebook Connect:
Xobni was also one of the first Facebook Connect launch partners. Xobni’s email management software allows you to see the Facebook profile pictures of contacts as well as information such as status updates and location.

Why it is a winner:
With Facebook Connect, Xobni becomes a far stronger product, especially in terms of contacts. I know I’m a visual person, and seeing a profile picture or location without the need to research is a great feature that saves time, plain and simple.

10. Disqus

How it uses Facebook Connect: Disqus, the YCombinator-backed comment plug-in service, now makes it simple for your blog readers to bypass signing up a for a Disqus account and removes the need to type in a name and email before commenting. With a few clicks, readers of a Disqus-enabled blog can start commenting.

Why it is a winner:
It’s simple - there are more people with Facebook accounts than Disqus accounts. Anything that makes it easier to use Disqus is a win for the company.

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