RE: The Doghouse, Some Feedback

David Deal, VP of Marketing at Razorfish was kind enough to clarify Razorfish's involvement in the JC Penney-Facebook Connect initiative that I so roundly trashed yesterday. (Note: yes, I'm aware at how supremely contrarian and bratty I can be, my apologies...somedays are more so than others).

In a comment on that same post David notes:

To clarify: although Razorfish executed the media buy for the project, the social media idea and creative execution did not come from Razorfish -- David Deal, vice president of marketing, Razorfish.

And again, my main lament about this JCP-FBC initiative is that I believe the implementation of FBC is missing its full potential. I just hope to see some more innovative uses of FBC in the future that don't pigeon hole it into specific campaigns...I'm interested in what impact FBC can have on a brand's overall digital strategy.

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ah i don't think you are really snarky ;)