The Brand is What You Make It

Brands in control? According to Noah Brier's latest experiment, brands are what consumers make them, and ultimately it is the consumer that controls the brand. I've been playing with Brand Tags-- its amusing and fun and some of the tag clouds are hilarious...obviously just for fun, but still very interesting nonetheless (I happen to agree with Brier's position, its just that the dataset collected by Brand Tags is more for novelty purposes than for hard core analysis...love it all the same)

On the site, you are presented with a series of brand logos to which you are to write the first tags that come to mind....no surprise that MySpace's tags read like a bathroom stall..."slut," "garbage," "trash" LOL!

Have a go at it here


noah brier said...

:) glad you enjoy.

Ravi Karandeekar said...

It's great idea. I want to use it on my Pune real estate market news blog. For sure, property buyers will enjoy tagging builders.