I love my Twitter community of Marketing 2.0/Conversatlionists...not only do I often find help and support and GREAT ideas there-- but for the most part, people are sharing and operating in spirit of collaboration. Just this morning, I noticed a tweet by Joseph Jaffe, of top marketing & ad blog, JaffeJuice and new marketing company, Crayon about one of his clients, ooVoo. The tweet directed me to one of his recent blog posts.

What I found so interesting about the post, is not so much the strategy for involving ooVoo in the conversation itself, but that he so openly posted what their strategy is (at least partially).

Besides the usual getting-the-product-in-the-influencers-hands, I love that they're donating $1500 in the name of each host to the charity of their choice! See his full post here, and sign up for My ooVoo Day With...

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So have you signed up? :)